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The LA City Council thinks the Dodgers are World Champions. They're wrong.

Asking MLB for World Series Trophies after they've made their ruling on Houston is ill-advised and petty. While I do strongly believe that the Dodgers would have won a fair 2017 World Series, especially considering Clayton Kershaw likely wouldn’t have been shellacked in Game 5 and his legacy wouldn’t be tarnished forever.

Regardless, MLB cannot just give the Dodgers the trophy because they were not the only ones cheated out of a shot at the championship. The Astros eliminated the Red Sox and Yankees in the NLDS and NLCS, winning every game in Houston. The Astros certainly do not deserve their World Series Championship and they should have it stripped from them, but it cannot fairly be awarded to another team.

Jim Crane was correct when he asserted that the Astros' World Championship wasn’t tainted by cheating. It was invalidated by it.

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Yah def not champs, nice article

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