Predicting the Dodgers' Opening Day Starting Lineup and their Stats in 2020

These predictions are based off the assumption that the Dodgers do not trade for Mookie Betts or another player, which seems to be a legitimate possibility as of now. This also assumes that the Dodgers are facing a right-handed pitcher as they did most of the time in 2019. Their 2019 number (from are italicized after the predictions. Alex Verdugo has been omitted due to his uncertain health; he will be in my predictions for the bench players although I do expect him to start most games, the question is just whether or not he will be healthy to start the season.

  1. RF Joc Pederson - .889 OPS, 41 HR (.876 OPS, 36 HR)

  2. 1B Max Muncy - .914 OPS, 38 HR (.889 OPS, 35 HR)

  3. 3B Justin Turner - .904 OPS, 29 HR (.881 OPS, 27 HR)

  4. CF Cody Bellinger - .957 OPS, 43 HR (1.035 OPS, 44 HR, NL MVP)

  5. SS Corey Seager - .864 OPS, 30 HR (.817, 19 HR)

  6. LF AJ Pollock - .853 OPS, 28 HR (.795 OPS,15 HR)

  7. 2B Gavin Lux - .912 OPS, 31 HR, NL ROY (.705 OPS, 2 HR, MiLB POY)

  8. C Will Smith - .878 OPS, 33 HR (.907,15 HR)

  9. Pitcher

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