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Predicting the 2020 Dodgers' Bench Stats

Still no Mookie Betts, so today I'll be predicting stats for the bench. I have included all the players whom I think will spend significant time with the team, as well as Alex Verdugo, who is kind of a wild card at this point. Their 2019 stats are in italics.

Alex Verdugo - .842 OPS, 17 HR (.817 OPS, 12 HR)

Chris Taylor - .817 OPS, 15 HR (.794 OPS, 12 HR)

Kiké Hernandez - .804 OPS, 19 HR (.715 OPS, 17 HR)

Matt Beaty - .782 OPS, 11 HR (.775 OPS, 9 HR)

Austin Barnes - .631 OPS, 3 HR (.633 OPS, 5 HR)

Edwin Rios - .794 OPS, 12 HR (.1010 OPS, 4 HR)

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