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Player Grades! Outfield (based on regular season performance)

Yesterday I did the pitchers, and today we'll be doing the outfielders on the NLDS roster plus Alex Verdugo

Cody Bellinger: A+. Duh. I can't say anything that hasn't already by said about the MVP himself. His lordship is a god at 4 different positions in the field and possesses ridiculous power and speed at the plate. He also cut way down on his strikeouts and hit more home runs off lefties than anybody in the game, an area in which he struggled last year.

Kiké Hernandez: B. The heart and soul of the team and stellar at everywhere but pitcher and catcher, Kiké had an inconsistent year at the plate riddled with major slumps. While he often would hit a clutch home run and seemingly more "just foul"ones than anybody else on the team, he could not find the consistent production from 2018 that made his case to be an everyday player in 2019.

Joc Pederson: A-. Joc did what they pay him to do: mercilessly slaughter right-handed pitching. Aside from a miserable slump in the middle of the summer, Joc consistently clobbered right-handers who fell victim to his desire to see the Dodgers win. Pederson once again played solid defense in left and provided a great amount of spirit to the dugout.

A.J. Pollock: C. This guy. He's not as bad as it seems, but his slump before the massive injury could not outweigh his mediocre performance the rest of the season. Hopefully Pollock will improve for his next 3 years with the team.

Chris Taylor: B. Taylor erased his horrendous first third of the season when he did an exemplary job filling in for Corey Seager when he went down at the end of June. However, Talyor cooled off in the fall. He did play his usual solid defense at many positions, though, providing a reliable, second utility guy for the team.

Alex Verdugo: A. Until suffering a peculiar and mysterious back injury, Verdugo had a fantastic rookie season, forcing his way into Pollock's everyday spot. With a great contact bat, substantial power, absolutely electric defense with a cannon of an arm, and unmatched energy and joy in the dugout, Verdugo seems as if he will and should be a staple of the outfield for years to come.

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