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Muncy's Extended, Mookie Insanity

First of all, the Mookie situation is absolutely bonkers, but it seems as though the Dodgers will, in some way, shape, or form, trade for him (and probably Price). I'll write about that when it happens (or, shudder, doesn't). Some good news today, though, is that, along with Andrew Friedman receiving the coveted "Busiest Man on the Planet" award, Max Muncy got extended. And that extension was an absolute steal. Muncy's deal, is, essentially, 3 years for $26 million, which is an absurd bargain for a player of his caliber. Over the past two seasons, Muncy's offensive stats included a .973 and .889 OPS with 70 home runs. This guy is good. Really good. He could probably make a case to earn over $26 in two years, but the league is not kind to players with low service time. Since Muncy has had fewer than 3-4 full major league years and was not a free agent, the Dodgers need not feel obligated to worry about paying him as much as they might have given Bryce Harper, a comparable hitter, over the 3-4 years they wanted him. The way the market works, especially its discrimination toward young players, benefits the Dodgers as it allows them to lock up and avoid arbitration with their second best hitter. For the next three years, we are guaranteed more emphatic and beautiful bat flips, walks, memorable quotes, and (hopefully) home runs into the pool at Chase Field. For now, I'll just head back to incessantly refreshing Ken Rosenthal's Twitter. And, for the record, Ken, Jon, and Jeff, nobody cares about the Mets. We all know they're a disaster. Let's get to the NEWS.

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