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Dodgers "Summer Camp" Begins Tomorrow

While most players reported to Dodger Stadium yesterday for a variety of medical tests and some informal practices, the first official team workout will be held tomorrow. The entire team will not work out together, however, due to coronavirus concerns. Instead they will practice in small groups most likely depending on the activity.

Rumors have been circulating about many Dodgers having tested positive for COVID-19, probably shaking up work out plans a little bit, but there is no confirmation by prominent reporters or the team, and there will likely be more clarity regarding this soon. Regardless, Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman predicted that many players would test positive when they arrived at camp and did not seem concerned as long as they took proper medical precautions. Many players on every team will probably test positive, as such is just the reality of the current situation in the country. Luckily, the Dodgers have outstanding depth and can thus likely withstand an outbreak or lots of initial cases better than any other team.

What the 2020 Dodgers are going to look like in "Summer Camp" (a seemingly unpopular name within the baseball community), the regular season, and the postseason (should they make it in), remains to be seen, but any baseball is better than no baseball, especially after the (technically still possible) scenario of the Dodgers trading for Mookie Betts and then watching him become a free agent without his playing any games as a Dodger. Hopefully, the 2020 Dodgers, arguably one of the best on-paper teams ever assembled, will be able to weather the storm through October and claim their first World Series title in 32 years.

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