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Dodger 2021 Free Agents: Mookie Betts

As baseball, and the rest of the world, is currently in limbo, I thought I would take a look at the Dodger free agents that will hit the market after the 2020 season. Today, I'll start with Mookie Betts. This is from a forum I wrote last week for

"If the 2020 MLB season is cancelled due to coronavirus, still an unlikely scenario at this point in time, Mookie Betts could be the Dodger that never was.

As reported last week by Jeff Passan and confirmed by numerous other sources, MLB and the Players’ Association reached an agreement today with a few components, the most important of which states that a player’s service time for 2020 will be based on 2019 if the season is shortened or cancelled.

The 2020 season will almost certainly be shortened, as it seems unlikely that it will be able to start before June at the earliest, and playing that much into October/November at then having the playoffs doesn’t seem feasible to me. Hopefully, that means that we’ll still get to see Mookie Betts play at least 80-100 games as a Dodger, making the trade worthwhile. However, in the truly unlikely yet truly terrifying scenario of a cancelled season, Mookie Betts would hit the market after playing merely a few Spring Training games as a Dodger.

Andrew Friedman has essentially done everything short of professing his undying love for Betts, indicating that if he were to head straight to free-agency, Friedman would do everything in his power to sign Betts to at least a 1-year deal or long-term extension.

While this is troubling news and a scary scenario for the Dodgers to be certain, it is likely one that will have little bearing on their season, as all information currently leads to the conclusion that there will be a 2020 MLB season and postseason, which, if we think about it, is all that really matters."

Betts' situation has not changed since then, and presumably we will get to see him play in Chavez Ravine. Betts is likely to command a 350-400 million dollar deal, and while Andrew Friedman doesn't usually like to spend that sort of money, it's Mookie Betts, something he certainly knows better than we do. I have a feeling (which is completely irrelevant) that this is gonna all work out with Betts playing real, meaningful games for Dodgers, hopefully for a long, long time.

Photo credit: Norm Hall/Getty Images

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