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Dodger 2020-21 Free Agents: Kiké Hernandez

Kiké Hernandez is a unique player. That's why he's my favorite player. No other player in the major leagues plays above-average to elite defense at all 7 positions on the diamond and can hit 20+ home runs and year, especially against lefties. Nobody else in the major leagues can do that.

Additionally, Kiké is beloved by both fans and his teammates alike, as evidenced by the near ubiquitous use of his first name by anybody affiliated with or knowledgeable about the Dodgers. I think that letting him go based on the fact that the Dodgers have guys like Chris Taylor (whom they just extended) and Matt Beaty as well as some regulars like Bellinger and Muncy who can move around is a mistake. It would be not only a big hit to the clubhouse vibe but also to the on-field perfomance. If he were a better all-around player, people would say he has the "X-factor," you never know when he is going to make a ridiculous play or hit three home runs in a playoff game to send the Dodgers to the world series.

While he has never found the offensive consistency that he wants, the guy is a wizard at shortstop and really good everywhere else. Also, 20 home runs a season isn't bad. It's possible that a bad team could offer him a job as a starting second baseman, but I doubt they would be willing to pay as much/more than the Dodgers, and I think that Kiké wants to stay with the team and get the chance to win the World Series every year. He has been a consistent postseason performer over the last few years, and that's something that the Dodgers have lacked in the past.

The Dodgers need to keep Kiké around, if not for the home runs and playoff magic, for the defense, flexibility, and humor/joy in the clubhouse. Most of the guys all came up together, now they need to win the World Series together.

Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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