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Corey Knebel and Other Dodgers Non-Tender Targets

Well, the deadline for teams to non-tender arbitration eligible players just passed, and the Dodgers kept all their eligible guys. Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, Julio Urias, Austin Barnes, Dylan Floro and Walker Buehler, were all obvious locks, but Scott Alexander got a 1 year 1 million dollar deal, which was nice to see because he's been in the organization a while and pitches very well when he's got his command. His ceiling is high.

However, many teams didn't follow the Dodgers' example, and many high-profile players were not offered contracts. Here, I'm going to take a look at some guys who were just released that I think could fit the Dodgers' offseason needs, which are a right-handed bat (Justin Turner will probably fill this hole eventually) and bullpen depth. Update: Dodgers just traded for reliever Corey Knebel

Right Handed Bats

Adam Duvall

This is, in my opinion, the best fit for the Dodgers. The guy mashes homers from the right side of the plate; he's basically a right-handed Joc Pederson. He could help balance the lineup, especially if Turner leaves, although I'd be hesitant to sign him if the Dodgers do bring back Turner because Duvall might not be more valuable than Pollock.

Hanser Alberto

This is a guy I don't know a ton about because he played for the worst team in baseball, but he's a righty hitter who was good last season, so he should be a target to sign to a cheap, low-risk deal.

Albert Almora Jr.

This former Cub would likely be a bench player as there's no room for him in the outfield, but he's a good option due to his stellar defense, and, while he had a horrible year in 2020, he's right-handed and generally been competent at the plate in his career. If the Dodgers don't re-sign Kiké Hernandez, which (unfortunately) seems likely, Almora Jr. is an interesting option to replace his versatility if Zach McKinstry isn't quite ready.


As I'm writing this, the Dodgers have traded for former All-Star Closer Corey Knebel from the Brewers for cash or a PTBNL. Knebel was bad last year but is just coming back from Tommy John, nobody non-tendered has closer experience or could probably be dominant in the Dodgers' bullpen. Knebel is a great pick-up in my opinion as I'm sure the Dodgers can get the best possible results from him. Because of the Dodgers' knack for reviving pitchers, I expect him to pitch well in his first year fully physically healthy from Tommy John surgery. I'm seeing this as sort of like the Blake Treinen reclamation project in 2020 (another guy I'd like to see re-signed).

For non-tendered candidates, it's easier to just easier to list names than talk about each individual one, because, honestly, they would all serve the same purpose on the Dodgers. The Dodgers aren't really looking for a closer or even a set-up guy: they already have Kenley Jansen, Joe Kelly, Victor Gonzalez, Brusdar Graterol, and Dylan Floro. As such, they need guys to cover the other innings, and here are some viable options: Carlos Rodon, Ryne Stanek, Archie Bradley (yes, I know there's history and he sort of has been a closer but he's a good clubhouse guy and a decent pitcher), and Jose Urena (who maybe could start).

Nobody listed here is a huge, impact player, but the Dodgers could acquire a lot of depth through picking some of these guys up, in my opinion.

Image Credit: Dodgers Twitter Account

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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2020

Always insightful and a good read. I trust Fleeceman will put us in great shape to defend. Really looking forward to how this got stove season shakes out. I'm ready for spring training already!!! Nice work Sam.

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