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Baseball is Back

While the MLB owners and MLB Player's Association were unable to come to an agreement due to issues of miscommunication and stubbornness, Baseball is returning soon, as Commissioner Rob Manfred and MLB have mandated a 60-game season starting either July 23rd or July 24th (Players report July 1st). While optimally the owners and players would've come to an agreement, this mandated season is pretty close to a compromise, as the players get pro-rated salaries and more than 48-50 games as well as the option not to play for health concerns.

While the schedule is currently being created by MLB, it seems as of now that it will consist of 10 games versus each opponent in a team's division and 4 games versus each team in the American League counterpart of that division. For example, the Dodgers will presumably play 10 games against every team in the NL West and 5 against each team in the AL West (yes, including the Astros, who are VERY lucky they don't have to deal with a Dodger Stadium crowd).

In addition to the schedule change, MLB has implemented some new rules. While expanded playoffs are currently off the table, games that go into extra innings will begin each inning after the 9th with a runner on second base (a good reason to have Terrance Gore on the roster) and there will be a a universal Designated Hitter throughout all of baseball in 2020. Furthermore, teams can start the season with a 30-man roster, a number that will decrease to 26 (the original number for the 2020 season) as the season progresses. In addition to the 26-man roster, another initial new rule for 2020 that still applies is unfortunately the 3-batter-minimum for pitchers.

Regardless, the Dodgers have the depth to adapt better than any other team in the National League and also had the best 60 game stretch of any National League team last year in addition to having a better worst 60 game stretch than any other team. Hopefully, the Dodgers won't stumble out of the gate, but there's no real reason to believe that they won't make the playoffs.

Also, Mookie Betts is a Dodger.

Photo Credit: Josh Barber/Los Angeles Dodgers

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