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2020 Predictions

As follows are my predictions for the 2020 regular season and playoffs.


American League East: Yankees (102-60)

American League Central: Twins (91-71)

American League West: Astros (92-70)

AL Wild Card: A's over Rays

This has not changed from last year, as the Yankees seem poised to dominate their division again and the Twins will likely be able to hold off he fraying Indians and very young, albeit very talented, White Sox, at least for one more year. Houston is an interesting case, and even though they are likely to regress without Gerrit Cole and because of their cheating scandal, the team is still incredibly talented, and they should be able to just beat Oakland to the title. While the A's will host the Rays in a rematch of last year's game, this year I think they will beat the Rays because of their greater star power and top-end talent. While the Rays would likely beat the A's head on, the A's should be able to overpower them in one game.

ALDS - Yankees (3) over A's (2). This one is close, but the Yankees get a fantastic start from Gerrit Cole in Game 5. He pitches a complete game shutout at Yankee Stadium to send the Yankees back to the NLCS.

ALDS - Twins (3) over Astros (0). This is a bold prediction, but the Twins will overpower the Astros. Without their signature sign-stealing methods, the Astros will fall victim to Josè Berrios, Randy Dobnak, and Rich Hill, while Verlander and the Astros' depleted rotation will fall victim to Josh Donaldson, Max Kepler, and Mitch Garver, among others.

ALCS - Twins (4) over Yankees (3), MVP is Rich Hill. I'm going all in the Twins, mostly because I hate the Yankees, but also because the Yankees, even with Gerrit Cole, have only 2, and MAYBE 3 reliable starters with Cole, Severino, and Paxton. The Twins also have their own pitching issues, but their lineup is better, and their staff will be more rested from a shorter series with Houston. In the Game 7 of an incredibly tight series, Rich Hill confounds the Yankees with 7 1/3 scoreless innings in Yankees Stadium.


National League East: Braves (100-62)

National League Central: Brewers (89-73)

National League West: Dodgers (104-58)

NL Wild Card: Mets over Nationals

These are pretty easy, as the Braves, especially with the newly acquired Marcell Ozuna, are the best team in the East due to a plethora of young pitching and a fearsome lineup and the Brewers will employ the returns of Knebel and Yelich to edge out the Cardinals in Game 163. The Dodgers will once again dominate the West and cruise to their 8th straight division title. The Mets will get a sterling start from Jacob Degrom and Pete Alonso will hit a walk-off home run of Max Scherzer (who was inexplicably left in for he 9th).

NLDS - Dodgers (3) over Mets (1). The Dodgers will take care of business with New York, who's hot streak will end as their bullpen collapses during the series. The Dodgers get good piching from Kershaw, Buehler, and finally, Julio Urias, who will step into the spotlight in the postseason.

NLDS - Braves (3) over Brewers (2). The Braves struggle to control Yelich, but the Brewers' already weak starting pitching collapses and Josh Hader gives up a walkoff home run in Game 5 to Ronald Acuña Jr.

NLCS - Dodgers (4) over Braves (3), MVP is Walker Buehler. This series is very close with many back and forth games, but Buehler pitches scoreless Games 3 and 7. The Dodgers pitch poorly in Atlanta but dominate the Braves in Los Angeles, squeaking past them with Walker Buehler oudueling fellow phenom Mike Soroka in Game 7.

World Series - Dodgers (4) over Twins (2) - CO-MVPS are Justin Turner and Clayton Kershaw. It's the Dodgers' year. Period. Perhaps Turner's last year in Los Angeles ends with a championship, as he hits 4 home runs in the series with 11 RBIs. Minnesota pitching, over-performing for nearly 3 weeks now in October, regresses to the mean and a record is set for most home runs hit in a World Series ever. Kershaw foils the young Minnesota lineup in Games 2 and 6, pitching a complete game in the latter and striking out Eddie Rosario to bring their Dodgers their first championship since 1988.

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